TPO Roofing

Patch up your damaged roof

We can carry out any TPO roof repairs you might need. We'll inspect your roof, assess the damage and proceed with repairs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We're committed to getting the job done right and making sure you're happy with your roof.

Sign up for TPO roof repairs today in New Jersey, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, and Northeast PA.

Enjoy the benefits of a TPO roof

Your choice of roofing can have a direct effect on your building's energy costs and power use. A TPO roofing installation can reflect UV rays away from your building, keeping your building cooler and saving you money through the summertime.

We also recommend TPO roofs because...

They're resistant to leaking and water damage
They use 100% recyclable materials and are environmentally-friendly
They're cost-effective and versatile
They can be installed for businesses or homes

If you already have a TPO roof installed, we can keep it in prime condition with maintenance services and repairs. Reach out to Garrison Roofing now to schedule TPO roof repairs or installations for your property.