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Have a roofing issue or storm damage that’s in need of Emergency Roof Repair in Philadelphia? Contact us today so we can come to do a free roof inspection, assess the damage, and get you fixed up. In most cases, we can do a same-day or next-day roof inspection, especially if you’re dealing with storm damage and our crews are already in your area.

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Your investment is secured with Garrison Roofing as we are expert in our profession, fully licensed and have A+ rating BBB accredited


Every project or task is done very professionally by our professional & expert award winning team.


Maintenance job is done for each and every roofing project very professionally and dealt each project with care.

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We are adept at helping business owners select attractive, efficient roofs for their facilities. After you choose a style, we will install it for you and help you maintain it.

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Why Garrison Roofing for Emergency Roof Repair?
  • Fast, Free Roof Inspections
  • Insurance Claim Guidance
  • Top Roofing Contractors in Philadelphia
  • Same-day or next-day emergency roof inspections
  • We help expedite the insurance claim process
  • We bring honesty & transparency to roofing
  • We only use the best of the best roofing contractor
  We provide assistance day or night, right across Greater Philadelphia. We are fully Qualified Emergency Roofing Contractors & we will quickly help to resolve your problem with fast professional service. Whatever your Roof Emergency is we are here to help, in fact, we have helped hundreds of Householders over our 30 years providing Emergency Roof Repairs.  
Providing Emergency Roof Service across Philadelphia for satisfied customers.
  1. Home, Flat, Garage and Outbuildings Emergency Roofers
  2. Slating and Tiling Loss or Damage
  3. Skylight Maintenance
  4. Full Storm Damage assessment and repair
  5. Leaks caused by Roof Damage

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If you are concerned about getting a roof that will stand the test of time until you are ready to sell a home or pass it on to your children, a new roof in Philadelphia is your best bet. Send us your inquiry via email at: or Call (267) 977-6452 to get in touch with us today!
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Abass Mohammed
Abass Mohammed
Alonzo Lyas
Alonzo Lyas
I got my porch roof “repaired” in January of 2022 due to leaks within my enclosed porch. During our telephone consultation Robert set up a date with me to complete the inspection and provide an estimate. The day came and went I was not notified by anyone as that was the agreement. I look in my email and see that I have had my roof “inspected” with sky photos and all. The inspection and estimate was given on my home and I was not even notified of anyone coming out. Next, the day of the job the team came out on an agreed date “repaired” my porch roof. Next, i paid, but got an invoice with a $100 discount which I was never given back. After about two weeks to a month the leaks started again, i notified the team and they came out without notifying me again. I just so happen to be coming out of my house when I saw them. Next the leaks happened multiple times snd I reached out via email several times and never was assisted. When I reached back out on IG and text Rob said the office manager who handles emails was out of the office and he’d help. Rob explained that he would schedule a time to come out but came out on his own again without notifying me. This time after he completed “repairs” he said my roof was 100 and it was my neighbors roof and then proceeded to do work on their roof without permission from either me or them. Now after severe rain yesterday, the leaks have gotten extremely worse. I reached out on IG again and the messages were read without response. At this point I don’t know how to get a response other than leave a negative review as i see he replies to that as it may affect his business opportunities. At this point I am requesting a full refund and the 15 year warranty to be honored. One of two things happened, the work that was done was not done right or two my roof was misdiagnosed by his team. Either way I am extremely dissatisfied with this service.
Venice (Grim927)
Venice (Grim927)
Found them on Instagram. Got back to me with a detailed quote and a fair price. Happy to get an appointment within a few days. Friendly staff. Easy communication. I appreciate it all!! Great work!
Jay Stephens
Jay Stephens
Young Prince Inc
Young Prince Inc
The crew showed up on time. The work was done timely. The team removed all debris and was very professional. I have recommended Garrison roofing to others and will continue to do so.
Marquita Johnson
Marquita Johnson
Garrison roofing was a breath of fresh air in terms of their service. Availability, communication, and follow up was grade A! Hoping the repair is fixed for good with their service!
Claudette Townsend
Claudette Townsend
I was recommended this company by someone whom uses them on their investment properties in Philadelphia. I contacted the company and they promptly got back to me with pictures of my roof. They also provided a detailed work order, answered the many questions I had and honored a special I saw them advertising. A date(which was beyond cold)and time was set for 8 am. They were at my property at 7:40 am! The three workers were pleasant, professional and went straight to work.The work was exceptional and a guaranteed warranty for 15 years. I would definitely recommend this company to family, friends and neighbors.
Tanesha Washington
Tanesha Washington
Garrison Roofing, really came through for me. I was also one of the first of 20222 to receive their community grant support and give back. A great percentage off of my original price. They were a big help to me, especially with this pandemic that is going on. Thank you so much 😁
Schimri Yoyo
Schimri Yoyo
On Mar. 14, 2016, my wife and I contacted Robert Garrison to give us an estimate to repair a badly leaking roof. He e-mailed us a quote for $1,875 for the entire job, which included a 15-year warranty for the flat roof. Robert completed the job within a week and we eventually settled on $1,600 for the entire job. On Nov. 15 there was a flash snow storm in the Delaware Valley and we received about 4 inches of snow and 2 inches of rain in Philadelphia. The following morning, Friday, November 16, my wife and I discovered that small leak in our roof in the same area/spot that Rob had fixed back in Mar. 2016. I immediately called Robert Garrison and he answered my phone and once I gave him my address and the pertinent details he said that he remembered the job and had all the paperwork saved. We texted back and forth with him asking me to send him a picture of the leak and the damage, which I did, and he promised to come by my house and complete the repair that same day (Friday) if the weather cleared up a bit. If not, he promised to come out the next available clear day and that he would call/text me and my wife within an hour of when he was planning to arrive. After not hearing from him through the weekend, I texted on Tuesday morning, Nov. 20, and received no response. I called his number from my cell phone twice and left messages, but still received no response. Later that afternoon, I called Robert from my work number and he answered immediately, but once I identified myself, he apologized and said he had been really busy and that he would get out to my house "later today, or definitely by tomorrow." Again, he promised to text me and my wife when he was en route. Of course, we never heard from him. Now, it is Dec. 4 and I have called Robert 4 more times from 3 separate phone numbers and have left voicemails, but have received no calls back. I also sent him a text message the morning of Dec. 3 and received no text back. I have all e-mails and text messages saved VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Would give 0 starts if it were possible. ***UPDATE*** His response that it was a separate roof isa complete lie. I reported him to Better Business Bureau due to his unprofessional practices. Again, Rob NEVER returned any phone calls or even offered an explanation. I had to call from multiple different numbers just to reach him because if he recognized my number he'd either block or ignore it. When I did get him on one of the alternate number he'd hem and haw, over up excuses of being so busy, then promise to come later that week and NEVER showed up. It's obvious that the past Google reviews have hurt his business and he taken to responding just in the last 3 months or so. And I'm sure he's encouraging friends and neighbors to counter the negative reviews with positive ones. I hope the people who gave 4 or 5 stars actually got good service. Good for them if they did. I hope it lasts because if there is an issue, they probably will never hear back from him again.
Nick Gassaway
Nick Gassaway
Robert was quick to respond and was able to get his crew out the next day. They were early and got it done in just a few hours.
Not all roofing emergencies are created equal, and if you have a slow leak on the roof, it may not hold the sense of urgency that other problems take on. In some cases, a tarp and a patch job will sustain the roof until your roofing contractor can take more concrete action to eviscerate the problem. One problem most homeowners have is that they look at minor roofing problems as no big deal. But any roofing contractor will tell you that it is a big deal and will lead to more significant future issues if ignored. Your home is your single most important investment; why not contain minor problems before they become catastrophes.
Roof repairs should be considered your most prominent problem for a homeowner, but some roofing problems can be dealt with over time. If your roof has hail damage and your insurance agent comes to investigate – a shingle replacement might be in the cards, but it hardly qualifies as a five-alarm fire emergency. Old age for humans and roofing systems is a problem, but it does not need a roofing contractor on your roof today. It is a problem that can be taken care of, and certainly, the sooner, the better, but you have some time. The conferred benefits of a new roof are an extended warranty, better curb appeal, and improved water management on the roof. Maintenance for a roofing system is essential, and a new roof reduces the need for extended maintenance when installed. Roofing is work that is affected by the weather. Roofers can only ascend your roof when conditions are right – rain, wind, and storms will keep roofers on the ground – repairs that need to be done must be carried out when the weather cooperates.
All roofing contractors will tell you that water leaks are your most significant threat, and an emergency roof repair will seek to stop the problem. When you have to wait for a contractor due to weather conditions, add a tarp to your roof to keep water out as best you can before a contractor can assess the damage. There are steps you can take to help with the situation, and the first thing to do is remain calm and manage the problem – try to protect the roof as best you can. Eliminating further damage is incumbent on the homeowner when problems arise. Use waterproofing materials and cover the open holes with a tarp. If you can stop the cascade of water into your attic or home, add buckets where water is filtering in. Upon discovering the damage, contact Garrison Roofing. When Garrison Roofer will arrive, they will inspect the roof for all problems – not just the current one and formulate a solution.
Emergency roofing is any roof problem that will require immediate roof repair. Arguably the most common emergency roofing situation is storm damage, when strong winds damage your roof enough to cause a leak. In cases like this, a quick repair is often necessary, but will require more in-depth patching up once the storm passes.

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