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The Garrison Roofing Difference

Rob graduated from North Catholic and went off to Penn State for Accounting.  He didn’t like the office work so took a trip back to his roots. Roofing and labor were and are in his blood. Rob grabbed his older brother John and started off with the idea of owning a roofing business. We loved roofing and were amazing at installing roofs but had no experience in running a business but we did have a work ethic that was and still is unbeatable. We started off with a $1,400 dollar ford pickup truck. We had just enough to purchase one ladder, so we bought a 40 footer so we could get on most roofs. We worked out of a small shop that we rented for $60.00 per month. It was rough and very stressful but we stuck it out. We now look back and laugh and also love the stories we made from building from scratch. Wouldn’t change it for the world!
In our first year in business, we sold around $60,000 for the entire year and it was only the two of us, doing EVERYTHING.
Fast forward to 2022. Garrison Roofing INC employs eleven solid, very experienced roofers. We work out of our own shop and sales are over $1,000,000 per year. We are a young company but we are well respected throughout the city by everyone we encounter. Our work ethic was and always will be second to none. We look forward to many more years of installing amazing roofs and continuing to grow our relationships! To everyone that has given us an opportunity and helped us get to where we are today, we are very grateful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Garrison Roofing INC is a 2nd generation company. Rob Garrison is from Philadelphia, grew up in Kensington with three brothers (all roofers) and two sisters. Two loving parents that just celebrated their 44th year married; that’s one hell of an accomplishment!
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We are With You Every Step of the Way

The Garrison Roofing Process

We are proud to be Philly’s premier residential and commercial roofing company. We work with customers throughout Philadelphia and beyond to ensure the roofs over their heads are safe and aesthetically pleasing. When you call our friendly team, you can expect our undivided attention and a commitment to excellence you will not find anywhere else. We will update you during every step of your project, from the initial inspection through cleanup, and incorporate your wishes and desires to ensure your roof is exactly what you envisioned. Our roofing repair company specializes in:

  • Residential Roofing – You deserve a roof for your home that will protect you against wintry weather and wide temperature swings. Garrison Roofing has the expertise to ensure your roof is safe.
  • Commercial Roofing – We are adept at helping business owners select attractive, efficient roofs for their facilities. After you choose a style, we will install it for you and help you maintain it.
  • Roof Replacement – If your roof’s best days are in the past, our roofing company can replace it with a new, reliable solution. Ask us about roof replacement if you notice missing or curling shingles, ice damming in the winter, or damaged flashing.
  • Roof Repair – We provide comprehensive, affordable roof repairs to patch holes and leaks, reinforce shingles, and more.

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