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3 Common Causes of Roof Shingle Damage – Garrison Roofing

If you have a home with a shingle roof, then it’s important to be aware of the common causes of damage so that you can take steps to prevent them. There are many things that can go wrong with your roof, but one of the most common problems is shingle damage. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including bad weather, improper installation, and age. We will discuss three of the most common causes of roof shingle damage so that you can be better prepared to deal with it if it happens to you. You might be wondering what factors affect roof shingles. How can you tell if you need a new roof? What are the signs of damage? In this blog post, we will answer all of your questions about roof shingles! We’ll go over the different types of shingles, how to determine when it’s time for a new roof, and more.

Causes of Roof Shingle Damage:

  • Bad weather
  • Improper installation
  • Granule Loss

Bad weather:

Hail is one of the most common types of weather-induced roof damage. Last year alone, Texas experienced nearly 900 different significant hail storms causing well over one million homes to be damaged and countless families’ roofs peeled away like an onion when they were hit with even small pieces or larger ones during a storm last month! When you notice dark spots on your roof, it could mean that there are leaks. A professional inspection is important because they can identify the source of any damage and offer solutions for repairs or prevention in future years!

With high winds, shingles may loosen or come off completely. Shingle roofs usually overlap one another so a strong wind can often tear them apart entirely. Heavy winds can do a lot of damage to your roof. This is because many types of shingles were designed with overlapping surfaces that help distribute weight across more surface area.

Improper installation:

Shingles that are missing or damaged can let water and moisture enter your home, causing serious problems like leaks, mold, and rot. If you see any hardware blunders on a roof, it’s likely that the contractor was inexperienced or didn’t care about doing a good job. Either way, you don’t want to hire them. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, one of the most common causes of premature failure is incorrect installation. If your contractor didn’t properly nail down the shingles or if they installed them in cold weather, this can lead to problems later on. When shopping for a new roofer, make sure to ask about their experience and whether or not they have any certifications.

Granule Loss:

If you notice that your shingles are losing their granules, it’s a sign of aging. This means they have been exposed to UV rays for too long and need replacing!  Watch out for inconsistent colors across the roof as well,  this could be an indication there’s something wrong with one area or another leaning against them. If you also see granules accumulating in gutters or on the ground, it’s time to call a roofer. Excessive granule loss can cause the shingles to warp and curl, making them more vulnerable to wind damage. If your shingles are starting to lose their granules, be sure to have a professional roof inspector take a look. 


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